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Hello. We’re Mailing and Marketing Solutions but call us Mams for short.
The UK’s most innovative direct mail company.

The letterbox is king. Why?
It’s the only form of communication that reaches everyone. Everyone looks at their post, and with more people than ever working from home, the art of personalising direct mail is here. The key to getting your customers’ eyes on your direct mail? Making sure what you send stands out from the crowd.That’s where Mams comes in!

We use world-leading digital technology to help you make your marketing budget go further and supercharge your conversions from your direct mail campaigns. What’s more, we’ll take care of your postage with fantastic rates too, putting your message directly into the hands of the people you want to read it at brilliant prices Whether you’re looking for traditional envelope mailing or want to create individual, personalised mail for everyone on your distribution list, we have a tailored solution to help you get more from promotions, offers, or anything else you want to shout about to your customers.

Contact us today for a tailored quote and take the first step to higher opening and response rates from your direct mail campaigns!
Direct Mail
We send out over 150 million items per year, helping our clients communicate with their customers on a personal level and generating new and repeat business. Learn more about how our direct mail capabilities can revolutionise your targeted direct mail campaigns.
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Did you know that sending personalised messaging increases open rates by 18%? We’ve got you covered, with personalised wrapping and inserts to ensure your customers get something bespoke and tailored to them! Moreover, we know that it gets opened quicker too and on average stays in the home longer than other types of direct mail.
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We don’t just help you create the best mail to send, but who you send it to and what message to say! Our data analysts can help you deliver highly targeted, personalised campaigns, ensuring you send the right message to existing customers and tell potential new customers all they need to know about your business. Reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time, giving you better results and higher return on your marketing investment.
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What’s the point of a great piece of mail if it doesn’t reach the right letterbox on time? Our industry-leading technology and relationships with Royal Mail ensures your direct mail campaigns are delivered quicker and with better results than other providers. Contact us today whether you’re looking at a one-off campaign or for help with all your ongoing direct mail needs.
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