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The letterbox is still king! Whether you’re embarking on a standalone direct mail campaign or are using direct mail to complement digital campaigns, Mams can take care of distribution at unrivalled accuracy and speed.

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Reduce your mailing costs with market leading bulk postage rates

Send your direct mail with Mams and save up to 20% on your postage costs versus sending yourself via Royal Mail!

Whether you use us for every element of your direct mail campaign or literally just want us to take care of the door drop process, you’ll find we’re one of the most cost-effective businesses for making this happen anywhere in the UK!

Low postage cost
Reduce your costs by up to a further 50% by considering Joint Mailer Campaign.
Quick delivery
We have a 95% success rate of delivering to Royal Mail with exceptional accuracy.
Wide coverage
With Mams you can send Direct Mails locally as well as Nationally.

Whether a one-off or ongoing campaign, we have you covered!

Postage costs – not to mention the time you spend organising your mailers – can be a significant drain on resources, especially if you’re a small business looking to get the word out about your brand to a new audience in the most cost-effective manner.

Whether you’re looking to undertake a one-off campaign or are planning to send ongoing, long-term mailshots to your customers, our competitive postage rates won’t be beaten, while you’ll get added value from our ability to deliver your direct mail on time and with exceptional accuracy.

To enjoy even better postage rates, why not consider a joint mailer campaign to reduce your costs by up to a further 50%?

Save even more by working with Mams for every aspect of your campaign

We know that we can give you the best postage rates in the business for sending out your direct mail campaign. But did you know that we could save you even more money and boost your return on investment by taking care of your entire campaign?

From utilising our expert team of data scientists to segment your audience and highlight your opportunities for a high converting direct mail campaign, to designing, personalising, and preparing your mail for delivery, why not bring your full campaign to Mams? We’re confident we’ll reduce your overall campaign costs beyond giving you the best direct mail postage rates in the UK!

Make your campaigns simpler and more cost effective by working with Mams from data to delivery!

Reduce your postage costs now!

Are you ready to take advantage of the best direct mail postage rates in the UK? Thanks to our relationship with Royal Mail, you don’t just get a fantastic price for your postage, but it’s guaranteed to get where it needs to go, when it needs to get there.

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Whether you have your leaflets ready and just need to take care of the distribution, or want to work with Mams on your whole direct mail campaign, contact us now!

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