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Brochures & catalogues

Whether you’re sending a simple mailshot or brochure, or a brand catalogue with personalised paper wrap, Mams will help you communicate with your audience, when you need to.

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Get your brochure or catalogue into your customer’s hands

Whether you’re sending out a small brochure, a bumper catalogue, or a subscription magazine, Mams can help you get your content through letterboxes and into the hands of your customers quicker.

In addition to sending out your main communication, we can create personalised letters and wraps, giving each customer something unique and based on their buying habits, all perfectly built around your brand.

Creative designs
Custom branding
Personalised messages
Better results

Increase engagement with personalised wraps

Personalised mail has a 94% open rate and stays in the house for an average of seven days. That’s a lot of potential opportunities for your audience to browse your brochure or catalogue and decide to make a purchase!

Whether you want to attract your customers with a personalised offer or a wrap highlighting something from their favourite product range, there’s more to personalisation than a name and address! You can change every element of every item – all to suit and talk directly to your client, encouraging them to open your mail earlier and retain it longer than mail sent by your competitors.

Stand out from the crowd with a stylish letter

While sending direct mail guarantees you can put your communication in your customers’ hands, you still need to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. With Mams’ stylish paper wraps, you can create engaging and unique pieces of communication to ensure yours not only gets read first, but stays in hands for longer!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sending paper wraps and letters to your customers, and with an almost infinite amount of potential data and creative combinations, there’s no reason you can’t send every customer a personalised wrap that they won’t be able to wait to rip open!

Make it happen with Mams

Mams can take care of each and every step of your customer communications strategy, from designing stylish wraps and distributing your brochures and catalogues to using your data to identify what to send, who to send it to, and when to send it.

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