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Direct mail

Direct mail can help your business find new customers, boost customer retention, and increase your reach both locally and nationally. Contact us now to get started with your next direct mail campaign!

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The letterbox is king

The letterbox is the only method of marketing that gives you a means of guaranteeing that your audience sees your message, but you’ve got to make sure what you send stands out!

With Mams, you can create highly targeted and personalised direct mail campaigns to ensure every customer feels like they’re getting a message tailored to them.

Attract new customers and build better relationships with your existing ones with a creative and engaging leaflet distribution campaign!

Targeted audience
You can create highly targeted campaigns with Mams to get major market share.
Higher open rate
Our Customised Envelopes influence customers to open it and increase your sales.
Longer retention
Creative and engaging direct mails retain your new and existing targeted customers.


Did you know?


Open rate

Over two-thirds of all direct mail is opened, but personalised direct mail has a phenomenal open rate of 94%! If you want to boost open rates and tell more people about your business, you have to get personal!


Days of retention

Mail stays in the home, on average, for a period of seven days. How many opportunities does that give you to get your message across and for your target audience to engage with your mail?

Use direct mail alone or alongside your existing campaigns

Direct mail is a valuable marketing channel, whether it’s all you do or simply one part of a wider-scale campaign.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of investing in direct mail is that you guarantee people will see it, and you remove the potential for online distractions out of the equation!

Whether you need a standalone direct mail campaign or personalised messaging to backup your other marketing activity, we’ve got you covered.

How Mams makes it happen

We use world-leading digital technology to create marketing materials personalised for each and every person you send it to, while ensuring everything perfectly fits your branding and desired message.

Our technology means we can print up to 65,000 pieces of mail an hour, and we send over 150 million pieces per year on behalf of our clients. Whether you need a small local campaign or something to cover half the country, Mams has the ability to make it happen

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Contact us now to learn more about how Mams can revolutionise your direct mail activity and to get started planning your next successful campaign.

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