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Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is a proven and effective form of direct mail. Get more engagement and responses with a cost-effective postcard marketing campaign from Mams.

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Boosting your engagement with postcard marketing

People love receiving postcards! With social media largely putting paid to the traditional postcard you’d receive from a loved one sitting on a sunny beach somewhere, postcard marketing is a fantastic opportunity to send your audience something they’ll instantly engage with while connecting with your brand! This works particularly for the travel sector, and we have lots of experience working with specialist as well as main high street brands

While a postcard is relatively small, there are no limits as to what you can do with yours! Whether you want something simple or covered in colour, a Mams postcard marketing campaign will engage your customers and boost your business

Creative Designs
Custom Branding
Personalised Messages
Better results

Personalise your postcards to connect with your audience

Royal Mail data shows that personalisation boost direct mail engagement rates by 18%. By personalising your postcards, you can go one step further and give your customers and wider audience something tailored specifically to them.

Whether you want to send a special offer to your customers on their birthday, offer a discount on specific products that you know they’re interested in, or are simply sending out a regular communication, adding the personal touch will make your campaign much more impactful. Imagine receiving a postcard from the last destination you were in or received one of a destination you have been researching. That’s personal!

Send a postcard, whatever the occasion!

Postcard marketing can bring a great deal of flexibility to your direct mail campaign. Whatever you want to say, say it with a postcard!

You might send:

  • Simple “Thank You” postcards for renewing a membership or subscription.
  • Special offers, from general deals at seasonal times of the year to personalised offers based on the things you know they love.
  • Reminder communications – great as a follow up if first mailings didn’t inspire a response!

Whatever the reason, send your audience a postcard!

Postcard marketing with Mams

At Mams, as well as helping you to save costs and target your customers better, we do it in an environmentally responsible way, too. Our postcard marketing can act as your mail direct mail campaign, alongside other mail you send, or complement digital marketing activities to help you get more from your advertising budget.

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