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Targeted household marketing

Targeted household marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with a large audience, ideal for re-engaging existing customers or introducing a new audience to your business.

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Direct access to millions of potential customers!

So many forms of marketing rely on you being able to get the attention of your customers. People check their mail every day, and a direct mail campaign guarantees you’ll have the opportunity to engage people with what you send.

Best of all, you can send personalised, tailored materials via a targeted household marketing campaign, whether you’re mailing out to lapsed customers or targeting new audiences either locally or on a wider scale. Enjoy direct access to millions of potential customers, safe in the knowledge they’re all going to see what you sent!

Creative designs
Custom branding
Personalised messages
Better results

Cost effective with high engagement rates

Targeted household distribution marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing channels around. What else guarantees you get your brand and communication into the hands of your customers, often at the cost of just a few pence? What’s more, direct marketing has some of the best engagement rates of all potential channels. Royal Mail figures show that over 80% of all direct mail inspires some sort of engagement, with personalised mail performing even more impressively!

Targeted household distribution marketing will improve your overall return on investment and help you deliver better targeted campaigns accurately, on-time and very cost effective.

Send a one-off campaign or follow a long-term plan

Whether you’re planning a one-off direct mail campaign or need a long-term marketing plan to help you build better relationships with your customers, Mams is here to help. One of the biggest opportunities with long-term direct marketing is the chance to send follow-up mail and try different strategies to really nail what works. What’s more, you can do all of this using personalised mail, giving you an even better chance of connecting with your customers and inspiring them to take action!

Design and execute your whole campaign with Mams

Targeting new customers? No worries! We have a wealth of demographic data to help you understand exactly where your high potential customers live, so you can start getting to know them! Mams isn’t just about getting your direct mail through letterboxes. We can work with you to design every element of your campaign, from drilling down into your customer data to designing and printing your direct mail!

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