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At Mams, we don’t just provide world-leading direct mail campaigns, we help you to build them from scratch! Our team of data scientists work with you to create personalised campaigns based on your data. We can even send personalised direct mail based on your customers’ online activity!

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Detailed insights into what you should say to each and every customer

Personalised mail means much more than adding a name and address to an envelope. Our data scientists will drill down into your data to ensure you send the right and most engaging message to each and every customer.

With infinite potential data combinations on your direct mail, you’re guaranteed to be able to create a tailored message for everyone, no matter the size of your database.

What’s more, our approach to data analysis maximises open rates while improving targeting and reducing your costs, a win-win-win for your business and your direct mail campaigns!

Detailed insights
Our data scientists help you to find your target audience by area or demographics.
Data driven targeting
We make data-driven marketing campaigns that means more sales, not just engagement.
Tailored messages
We analyse data to ensure your message fulfils each customer’s personal needs.

Create impactful, personalised pieces of direct mail

Personalising your direct mail increases open rates by 18%. Such an increase in open rates could have a significant impact on your business. To send the best personalised mail, you need to know about the people you want to communicate with!

That’s where Mams’ team of data scientists comes in. We can analyse your data to help you create a personalised campaign, unique to every customer you want to contact. Looking for a direct mail campaign to help you target new customers? We can make that happen, too, with databases hosting a wealth of demographic data to give you the best opportunity to engage new customers and introduce them to your brand in an effective manner.

Support from idea to delivery

Whether you need Mams’ team of data analysts to design your campaign from start to finish or know what you want and need our support to make it happen, we’re here for you.

Our data scientists and wider team can:
Create direct mail campaigns for every size business, no matter the size of your database, and whether you’re targeting new or existing customers, locally or on a wider scale.
Target specific distribution areas by area or demographic to maximise your messaging and budget when targeting relevant and high potential new customers.
Undertake data cleansing projects to improve the quality of your databases, ensuring your personalised direct mail campaigns land accurately, on time, and through the doors of the people most likely to take action.
Combine your direct mail campaigns with other marketing initiatives, including digital marketing. Make your letterbox message match the message your customers see online!

From database to delivery with Mams

Mams doesn’t just help you organise and analyse your data – we can take care of your whole campaign, from raw data to delivery! Once our data scientists have created the basis for your campaign, our world-leading digital technology will take care of printing your personalised direct mail, and we’ll even organise the leaflet distribution for you, too!

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