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Personalised direct mail increases open rates by 18%, and therefore increase your return and sales. Stop spending your marketing budget on generic mailers, and instead speak individually to each and every one of your customers with a Mams personalised direct mail campaign.

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Customise every single envelope

Personalising your direct mail campaigns with Mams doesn’t just mean tailoring what you send, but how you send it. No matter how many customers you want to reach, we can customise every single envelope to increase the likelihood of customers opening it and taking action.

We can even help you personalise campaigns you send targeting new customers. Whether this with specific offers for new customers or elements of local targeting, we ensure your direct mail campaigns leave nothing to chance.

Our world-leading digital technology ensures your direct mail says exactly what you want it to say to every customer and gets delivered to their door when you want.

Unique messages
A truly personalised mail shows your customers you know them & inspire them to retain.
Custom offers
With Mams you can get the best results within your budget by making custom offers.
Higher open rates
Our personalised mail achieved 18% higher open rates than generic leaflets and mailing.

Speak to every one of your customers as an individual

Personalised direct mail goes far beyond knowing your customers’ names and addresses. With Mams, you can create a truly personalised piece of mail that shows your customers you really know them and inspire them to buy from you again.

Whether you’re sending product information, a discount, or another buying incentive, Mams works with you to use your data to ensure each customer gets something tailored to them. Whether you send customers mail based on their purchase history, their favourite products, or how often they buy from you, they’ll know it’s been created specifically for their needs. With over 14 million potential data combinations on our direct mail, you’re guaranteed to create something engaging and personal for each and every one of your customers.

Feel the impact on your business with increased open rates

Royal Mail data shows personalised mail achieved 18% higher open rates than generic leaflets and mailing. What would 18% more customers having a tailored offer and being inspired to buy from you or make an enquiry mean for you?

Whatever your message and objectives, personalised mail will put more eyeballs on your brand, leading to more footfall, phone calls, website visits, and sales.

Cut your costs with Mams

As well as helping you achieve better outcomes from your direct mail campaigns, we’re confident we’ll help cut your costs, too. With personalised campaigns giving better open rates and business growth, all at minimal cost, a Mams direct mail campaign delivers the best possible return on investment, too!

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