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Paper wrap

Make your brand stand out on the doormat with stylish and engaging Mams paper wraps.

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Choose a paper wrap to suit your brand

Tailor your paper wrap to your campaign with light, medium, or heavy print. Choose the ideal creative wrap to engage your customers and inspire them to open your mail and take action!

As well as choosing a paper wrap to suit your brand, you can even personalise the wrap, inside and out for each and every customer you’re mailing to, giving them a paper wrap based on their interests, purchase history, or where they live!

Creative designs
Custom branding
Personalised messages
Better results

Stand out on the doormat

Direct mail makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers. Still, unless you’re very lucky, the chances are your mail won’t be the only thing customers receive through their letterbox that day. Our paper wraps ensure you send your customers something creative and unique, standing out from the crowd and achieving strong open and response rates.

Whether you want to attract your customers with a personalised offer or a wrap highlighting something from their favourite product range, there’s more to personalisation than a name and address! You can change every element of every item – all to suit and talk directly to your client, encouraging them to open your mail earlier and retain it longer than mail sent by your competitors.

A sustainable approach to direct mail

While sending direct mail guarantees you can put your communication in your customers’ hands, you still need to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. With Mams’ stylish paper wraps, you can create engaging and unique pieces of communication to ensure yours not only gets read first, but stays in hands for longer!

All our paper comes from sustainable forests and is biodegradable, and we never use plastic. What’s more, our paper wraps are of the highest quality, adding a further touch of class whether you’re sending out leaflets, catalogues, brochures, or magazines. As well as reducing your costs, Mams ensures your business takes an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to your marketing activities.

Do more direct mail &
do it quicker with Mams

Our use of world-leading digital technology means we can print up to 65,000 pieces of mail an hour. In a single run alone, we can produce all the pieces of mail your business needs, all individually personalised,, enhancing your targeting and making it easier to retain new customers or grow your audience. What’s more, our relationship with Royal Mail ensures we get your paper wraps and direct mail through your customers’ letterboxes efficiently, too.

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