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Joint mailer

Mams creates the most competitive packs in the business. Mams’ joint mailers not only stand out with carefully crafted, quality packs but feature non-competitors’ inserts to reduce costs. Price-wise we are unbeaten across the industry.

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What makes Mams’ Joint Mailer stand apart for other companies?

The joint mailer is an amalgamation of what exists in the market, but Mams pulls it all together. We stand out because we provide all the services and our overall price cannot be touched in the market.

By sharing a joint mailer envelope with other companies’ prices are cut dramatically. Mams provides all the services; the pack creation, inserts and data selection to boost the opportunity of engaging with customers and take away the hassle of working with multiple parties.

Creative designs
Custom branding
Personalised messages
Better results

Getting personal - Omnibus

Mams has created a new form of communicating with minimal costs that help you achieve brilliant results direct into the letterbox!

Our new Omnibus multi-pack service is a monthly distribution where you share costs of delivery with other, non-competing, businesses.

To find out more about how you can reach new high-potential customers at a fraction of the price of one PPC click, contact us and our new marketing and data teams will find the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

Case Study

Anthony Krajniewski said:

One customer had an annual mailing volume of 15 million items, using their own database. We persuaded them to use our joint mailing concept and the look-alike customer data we provided, so they tested a small volume of 30,000 items. “This went really well and they rolled it out to 200,000 items and now have introduced more than 12 million items under this format. “Price-wise, we also saved the client up to 10p per item – so that’s a serious saving.

Do more direct mail &
do it quicker with Mams

Our use of world-leading digital technology means we can print up to 65,000 pieces of mail an hour. In a single run alone, we can produce all the pieces of mail your business needs, all individually personalised,, enhancing your targeting and making it easier to retain new customers or grow your audience. What’s more, our relationship with Royal Mail ensures we get your paper wraps and direct mail through your customers’ letterboxes efficiently, too.

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