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About us

Meet the MamsMail team. Learn about our core values, our story and how we handle your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Who we are

Mams is a young company built on Mario and Anthony Krajniewski’s decades of experience in the printing and direct mail industry. Mario says the company has grown quickly through trust, respect and delivering cost-effective, quality products to deadline.

In 2017, shareholder Anthony Krajniewski watched Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet TV series and immediately decided that Mams must follow his lead to join the ‘no plastic revolution’. Anthony said: “Watching that programme made me realise how we must all do everything we can to save our planet. It was a pivotal moment and I am proud to lead Mams’ environmental policy.” Mams now only prints on sustainably sourced paper.

Our story

Since 2014, when the company started with one 8,000sq ft building in Bradford, a couple of small printers, folders and enclosing lines run by 10 staff, it has grown into one of the UK’s leading digital direct mailing companies. With a new HQ in Leeds and a new unit in Wolverhampton there has been investment in property, staff and paper wrapping lines as well as state of the art, world-class printers.

As an essential service during the 2020 lockdowns, the company worked through, supporting clients during unprecedented times. As restrictions lifted Mams continues to assist clients with new 2021 campaigns to create more business opportunities.


Meet the team

Mams is led by father and son Mario and Anthony Krajniewski. Over the last seven years they have seen their staff numbers grow from 10 to more than 100 and now have a Leadership team of managers to support their vision for the company.

Board of directors
Mario Krajniewski
Founding Director | Shareholder
Mario’s responsibility is to lead by example and maintain high levels of safety and security for staff, who are Mams’ biggest asset. He gives support, direction and mentors to ensure quality and service for customers through a ‘a can-do ethos’. Mario also introduces new processes to improve efficiencies, agrees structure and delivers a development plan for staff to grow their career within the company.
Anthony Krajniewski
Founding Director | Shareholder
Anthony supports the entire company and brings innovation together with automating and simplifying processes to improve efficiencies. He is also responsible for the majority of client relationships. Having worked on every machine in each department he can clearly communicate what Mams can achieve while giving customers confidence in what the company can deliver.
Leadership Team
Carl Catterall
Marketing Director
Carl has been a strategic, creative marketing leader for more than two decades with experience across the marketing and communication mix, driving sales growth and brand performance for top-tier employers where he defined strategy, and created and implemented multi-channel campaigns.
Grahame Chidwick
Finance Director
Grahame’s responsibility at Mams is all things financial. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than 10 years’ experience in printing and direct mail companies. He gained his financial expertise within small to medium-sized enterprises as well as large groups, including experience in extr... Read More
Paul Heselwood
Paul is responsible for delegating jobs, managing staff and products as well as ensuring the production plan is followed to meet service level agreements. He works with the scheduler and customer services so the production plan is achievable and customer expectations are met. Working in this industr... Read More
David Kaye
Customer Experience
David’s main role is to act as a representative for the client internally. He works with all departments to ensure quality and that client service level agreements are delivered to the highest standard. David has worked in the print/direct mailing industry for the whole of his career including estim... Read More
Darren Smith
Data and IT
Darren is responsible for a team of data analysts whose experience is essential in making sure the right insert goes to the right address. He works with other departments and their teams to ensure client service level agreements, quality and deliverables, are met to the highest standard. Darren has ... Read More
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