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Eco credentials

At Mams, we don’t just bring your direct mail campaigns to life, we do it in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.

All paper, no plastic, and no potato

At Mams, all our marketing materials are printed on sustainably sourced, Forest Stewardship Council accredited papers. If you need to send more than one piece of mail, or you’re running a joint mailer campaign to help cut your costs, we only use paper wraps, never the less environmentally compostable wraps made of potato or corn and absolutely never in plastic, to ensure everything reaches your audience as intended.

We’re a proud supporters of the Two Sides Campaign, a global non-profit promoting a sustainable approach to print, paper, and paper-based wraps and packaging.

We practice what we preach!

As well as ensuring we only print on sustainably sourced papers, we do our bit here at Mams HQ to keep our environmental footprint as minimal as possible, too. We’ve invested in a Trim waste extraction system that efficiently takes all waste paper from our print room to our on-site compactor.

We currently recycle 98% of all paper waste. What’s up with the other 2%? This is paper with glue and other materials on it that means we can’t recycle it at present. We’re working on ways to hit that 100% recycling rate and are confident we’ll get there soon!

Sustainable paper, sustainable printing

Here at Mams, it’s not just our paper that’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. We make sure our printing process is sustainable, too, by only using water based inks that are chemical free and can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Our ink contains water, colour pigment, and not very much else! Not only does this keep our printing sustainable, but it ensures what we do print is of the very highest quality, just what you want to be putting into your customers’ hands!

In recognition of our eco credentials, Mams holds ISO 14001 certification, the UK’s rigorous Environmental Management Standard.

Make your marketing more
with Mams

In the modern world, customers look at far more that the cost of doing business with you. Thankfully, when you choose Mams for all your direct mail needs, you get a responsible campaign that won’t just save you money while improving your marketing targeting, but you can rest assured that you’re doing so in a responsible, sustainable manner.

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